Manage the Enterprise

Support an organisation with planning and executing a portfolio of projects

Manage Portfolios

Allow Portfolio Managers to deliver critical outcomes for their organisation

Work in Teams

A platform for people to collaborate towards delivering a shared outcome

At the moment Element is in beta testing. We have a desktop version of element available for download. However, a web application is under construction and will be available soon.
Contact the Spectral Solutions team via the Contact Us page and we'll set you up with a trial of the full version.
A Portfolio will mean different things to different people. It's basically a grouping of projects or a grouping of other smaller portfolios. The criteria for grouping the projects will differ from portfolio to portfolio.
Element runs on Java. Install the latest version of Java and try to run Element. If you run into issues get in touch with us for help.
You may need to run the application in 'Admin Mode'. To do this right click on the Spectral Element icon and select 'run as admin'. If the issue persists, please get in touch with us for help.
You can report issues in the 'Report Issues' function in Element itself. Or you can report issues and suggestions for upgrades/changes from the Contact Us section of this website.
The premium version is currently under construction. We are looking to bring you the fully built premium version later in 2017.


Contact us directly if you have any questions and can't find the answers

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