The right tools to get the job done.

Our team understand your pain points, so we've designed and built features that tackle them head on.

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Key Features

Work in teams

Work in teams and collaborate to deliver outcomes together

Investment metrics

Prioritize your investments with the value metric that works for you.Generate Cost of Delay, CD3, NPV and other value metric

Interactive Dashboard

See the information you need in realtime, at the click of a button using our visual dashboard

Benefits Management

Track return on investment to ensure your initiatives and portfolios are delivering the value you expect

Build Portfolios

Manage your investment using portfolios that can be arranged in a hierarchy. Apply funding and ROI targets against portfolios

Risk & Issues Notification

Manage impediments and risks using the built in Risk Management and notification capability

Integrated Interfaces

All our interfaces talk to each other so you can work with the one you prefer


Build a standard work breakdown structure across your organisation and manage tasks, projects and portfolios in a familiar Gantt interface

Kanban Interface

Manage work using our enhanced Kanban Board known as the Element Board. Use this interface to manage tasks and arrange projects in your portfolio


Manage tasks using the Element Calendar.Integrate it with Outlook or Gmail

Manage Budget

Build and manage budgets in minutes using Element's funding allocation capability


Visualize and manage dependencies between tasks, initiatives and portfolios

Scrum Interface

Manage work using our enhanced Scrum Board. Use this interface to track and manage the delivery of Agile projects

Manage Scope

Manage the scope of your projects using the Scope Management feature

Funding Grid

The Funding Grid allows you to model, track and analyse your costs to proactively manage budget vs delivery