Strong Analytics

Make strategic decisions based on valid up-to-date analytics

Track Success

Set, track and report on all benefit cost and key milestone targets

Strategic Alignment

Align your portfolios to your organisations strategic goals

Execute your Strategy with Element

Element allows an Enterprise Portfolio Management Office (EPMO) to maintain a central repository of all investment opportunities and initiatives that are realising benefits. The modern EPMO needs oversight on not only cost but also return from investments. The built in investment metrics such as NPV, IRR, Cost of Delay and CD3, provide out of the box prioritization functionality that will allow an organisation to maximize the return from its investment.

Element is designed to help an organisation with planning a portfolio as well as executing it. Prioritisation removes the need to complete projects in first-come-first-serve order and allows an organisation to look at the most valuable opportuinities first.

All of this becomes visible at the click of a button.