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Element PPM

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Element software helps your company pick the right projects to invest in for the optimal return on investment, then lets you track their progress in real time. All without breaking the bank.

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Element for Teams

Element provides solutions for Project Teams, Portfolio Managers and Company Executives to get the strategic insights they need in real time by providing visibility on progress and performance

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Element for Delivery

Delivery Organisations and PMO's need oversight on the performance of their portfolio of projects. This includes alignment on delivery dependencies along with the relevant methods to assess trade offs to maximise return for the organisation.

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Visualise and manage dependencies between tasks, initiatives and portfolios

Investment Metrics

Prioritise your investments with the metric that works for your organisation. Generate Cost of Delay, CD3, Net Present Value and other metrics

Benefits Management

Track your Return on Investment to ensure your iniatives and portfolios are delivering the value you expect

Element for the Enterprise Portfolio Management Office

Element allows an Enterprise Portfolio Management Office (EPMO) to maintain a central repository of all investment opportunities and initiatives that are realising benefits. The modern EPMO needs oversight on not only cost but also return from investments. The built in investment metrics such as NPV, IRR, Cost of Delay and CD3, provide out of the box prioritization functionality that will allow an organisation to maximize the return from its investment.

  • Portfolio Heirarchies
  • Benefits Management
  • Funding Allocation
  • Risk & Issues Notificaction
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Insights in Real Time

See the state of your entire enterprise in one click. Element rolls up performance metrics by breaking investments into Portfolios. It highlights performance by using highly customisable indicators so you can get the information you need when you need it.

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Element is a powerful Project Portfolio Management system which will optimise the strategic direction of an organisation and maximise value from investment portfolios by providing clarity on performance at the click of a button

  • Manage Team Workflow
  • Roll up Tasks and Projects into Investment Portfolios
  • View Real Time Investment Metrics
  • Manage Risks before they become Issues
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