Organise Work

Organise Work

Use the available object types to set up work streams for your organisation. Element allows you to structure work into hierarchies which then roll up your data to provide strategic insights


Build your work breakdown

Use the work breakdown structure in Element to represent your organisations Portfolios, work streams and projects. 

Capture Key Information

Capture Risks, Issues, Financials, Benefits, Key milestones and dependencies out of the box. Add custom fields to ensure you can capture the data you need.

Manage Project Financials

Set up project budgets at any level of detail to meet your organisations needs. Snapshot budgets to allow historic comparison over the life of a piece of work

Track Progress

Element allows you to track progress in real time. By keeping across all key success indicators you can quickly identify when issues arise and resolve them before they have major impacts. 


Progress Tracking

Track progress in a way that is most appropriate for the work you are doing. Manually specify progress, derive progress from child work items or use event based progress markers

Import Financials

Simplify tracking costs by using the out of the box financial import. This allows you to automatically import all transactions against your budget so you can see how you're spending

Data Roll Up

All the data in the system rolls up in line with the hierarchy that has been set up. This allows you to see how work is progressing at the highest level and then drill down to identify issues

Work in Teams

Set up teams and collaborate on work across the organisation. The intuitive interfaces in Element allow teams to easily identify, prioritise and execute on their work



Users can be a part of one or more teams. Teams can have sub-teams which allows you to quickly replicate the structure used in your organisation. This works for all types of delivery structures be it release trains, squads or a more traditional departments


Teams can break their work into time boxes known as releases. Work can be pulled into each release which can then be executed. Releases can be a part of other releases and progress will roll up

Team Boards

Use the intuitive kanban board or the release plan to track work down to task level. Work can be assigned to multiple individuals and can be moved through different stages easily. Progress is automatically captured when cards are moved through the stages. 

Get Insights

Use the various reporting interface to get key insights about the work you track in Element. 


Real Time Dashboard

Get progress and insights in real time using the customisable dashboards. Choose the widgets you want to display so you can get the information that you want when you want it

Automated Status Reports

Status Reporting is available out of the box. These generate Red, Amber or Green statuses for various aspects of your progress automatically based on the progress data. Historic versions are stored so you can see how work tracks over time

Exportable Reports

Export ready to print reports in common formats such as PowerPoint, Excel and PDF.